Waterproof Plastic

Figure 8-16. Time-blasting fuse.

nating agent, a primary agent, or alone as an explosive charge. It may be used for detonating single or multiple charges. It will transmit a detonating wave from one point to another at a rate of at least 5,900 meters per second. Detonating cord consists of a core of PETN in a textile tube coated with a layer of asphalt. The asphalt layer has an outer textile cover which is finished with a wax gum composition or plastic coating. See TM 91375-213-12 and TM 91375-213-34 for various detonating cords available. A blasting cap, electric or nonelectric, should be used to initiate detonating cord. When properly initiated, detonating cord will explode over its entire length and detonate any properly connected demolition charge.

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