a. Accessories. Accessories used with small arms ammunition, such as clips and metallic belt links, are described in this chapter. These items are listed and packed as indicated in SC 1305/30-IL and also listed in TM 9-1305-20120&P

b. Magazines for Pistols and Other Small Arms. Magazines for pistols and other small arms do not come preloaded from the ammunition supply point. The magazine for the submachine gun M3 and M3A1 holds

30 rounds of ammunition and this also is not preloaded.

c. Metallic Link Belts. Ammunition for use in machine guns is issued in metallic link belts. Link belts are made of units of cartridges and links. Each link has two loops fitted around a single cartridge and one loop fitted around an adjacent cartridge. Each cartridge in a metallic link belt has two links attached to it, except the end cartridges. Cartridge links are made of steel which is processed to prevent rusting. They are manufactured and tested to assure satisfactory ammunition feeding and functioning under all service conditions.




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