AR 5989

AR 5989

Type Classification: Tracer R505 or R403

Primer Electric

STD - AMCTC 7404. Fuze NA


Use: Type NA

Weight NA

Guns, 20mm, M39, M61 and M168. The cartridge is Incendiary:

for practice and training. Type NA

Weight NA

Description: Propellant:

Type WC 870 or WC 872

TARGET PRACTICE-TRACER Cartridge. The Weight MBR (585-605 gr)

cartridge is ballistically and physically identical to the

M55A2 cartridge except that a tracer element has been Performance:

added to the base of the projectile. The projectile is painted blue with orange colored markings. Chamber pressure 61,500 psi

Velocity 3380 fps, 78 ft

Function: from muzzle

The projectile is similar to the M56A3 projectile, but has no high explosive incendiary charge and is assembled with a dummy fuze. The projectile does contain a tracer composition which burns visibly for a minimum of 1.9 seconds.

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