M8c Spotting Rifle

M8c Spotting Rifle

Tabulated Data:

Type Classification:

Tabulated Data:

STD - AMCTC 7378. DODAC 1305-A574

UNO serial number 0339

Use: UNO proper shipping name Cartridges for

Rifle, Spotting, Caliber .50, M8C. weapons, inert pro jectile

Description: Weight 1744 gr

BALL Cartridge. The cartridge has specific features Tracer R321

which aid in identification. The cartridge case has a Primer Percussion distinctive body design which prevents chambering in Fuze NA

other weapons. The total length is only 4.5 inches in Explosive:

comparison with 5.5 inches for a standard round. The Type NA

bullet has a yellow tip with a red ring to the rear of the Weight NA

yellow tip. Incendiary:

Type IM 144

Function: Weight 32 gr


In flight, the bullet exhibits a visible trace from a point Type IMR 7383

not greater than 100 yards from the muzzle of the Weight 110 gr weapon to a point not less than 1,500 yards from the Projectile:

muzzle. The bullet will detonate and produce a flash Weight 833 gr and a puff of smoke upon impact against a steel plate placed at 175 yards from the muzzle of the weapon at Performance:

all angles from 90° to 11° with respect to the horizontal.

Chamber pressure 38,000 psi

Difference Between Models: Velocity 1745 fps, 78 ft from muzzle

The M48A2 differs from the M48A1 in that the M48A2

does not have a primer in the point of the bullet. Shipping and Storage Data:

Quantity-distance class/

SCG 1.4C

Storage code Class V

DOT shipping class C References:

DOT designation SMALL ARMS


Drawing number 10542445 TM 9-1300-206

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