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The M17A2 link (fig. 18-12) is used for linking 20mim ammunition for belt-fed M61 automatic weapon system in the B52 G & H aircraft. The link is self-separating when the cartridge is removed from the link during the feeding cycle,

M16a2 Link Belt Technical Draw
Figure 18-12. M17A2 link for 20mm cartridges.

The M24 link (fig. 18-13) is a metallic link for use with the following 20mm cartridges: M206A1 Target-Practice, M599 High-Explosive Incendiary Tracer, and M601 Armor-Piercing Incendiary racer. The European (German) DMI/DMIA link is also used for these



Figure 18-13. M24 link.

AR 6021

Figure 18-13. M24 link.

cartridges. The DMI/DMIA link is used with the HSH20 seriers. The M22 link is for U.S. Air Force use only. It is used to upload their linkless system. It is reusable and does not disintegrate.


Link M28: The assembly consists of hardened steel main and pivot links hooked together and contoured accordingly for its The M28 link (fig. 18-14) is a two piece assembly intended purpose. The Swiss Oerlikon link and the M28

intended to hold and link the 25mim ammunition for male dimensionally identical.

guiding the ammunition through the weapon system.

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