M16 Auto Sear Installation

M16 Auto Sear

The.military auto-sear In the correct position on the selector switch. Reassembly of the lower receiver is next. For the parts needed to convert the AR-15 to M-16 configuration, other than the M-16 auto-sear jarts, refer to drawings page 13. numbers 1. sear spring, 2. sear pin, 3. sear bushing, and 4. sear tody parts 1 3. and 4 are normally assembled when you purchase them are M-16 hammer, lisconnector, trigger, selector switch, and bolt carrier, shown on page 11. The AR-15 parts and their M-16...

Ar 15 Drop In Auto Sear

10 TURNS NO. 18 MUSIC WIRE RAT E 8 lbs in The trip pin can be made from drill rod stock. Although I find a roll pin works as well without the need for a precision fit in the sear housing. Whichever is used, make sure the trip rocks freely on the pin when it's assembled. Test fire as outlined at the end of CHAPTER ONE.