Function Check

Remove magazine.

3-30. A complete function check of the rifle consists of checking the operation of the rifle while the selector lever is in the SAFE, SEMI, and AUTO positions. The following sequence is used for a rapidĀ» complete check. Any portion of the check may be used alone to determine the operational condition of any specific fire selection.

Disengage take down pin and open receivers. Hammer shall be in the cocked position.

a. SAFE position. Pull trigger, hammer shall not fall, b. SEMIpositi on. Pull trigger, hammer should fall. Hold trigger to rear, recock hammer and release trigger. Hammer should transfer from hammer hooks and disconnect to the hammer and sear engagement.

c. AUTO position. Pull trigger, hammer should fall. Hold trigger to the rear and recock the hammer. Hammer is now under the automatic sear. Still holding trigger to the rear, push forward on automatic sear. The hammer should fall. Still holding trigger to the rear, recock hammer, release trigger and push forward on automatic sear. Hammer should fall to the sear engagement.

Close receivers and engage takedown pin.

d. SEMI position. Close the upper and lower receiver groups and push the take down pin into place. Pull the charging handle to the rear. Inspect the chamber for safety and release charging handle. Pull the trigger. Hammer should fall.

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