Ap-lfi Full Auto Conversion Book

I was thinking whan I started this book 'Leudy, Laudy. I wish I'd had something Jfke thia whsJ I first started converting AR-15's to fufl-euto." No such luck. Back then it was trial and error!] and try again, j

Don't get ma wrong. There were those that seemed to have the required information. They! hung out at Gun Shows and ran ads in underground newspapers. After paying any amount from! >20.00 to $75.00 you would breathlessly be told how their brother-in-law. cousin, neighbor« friend» [pick one] did itl This gem of wisdom was usually "File da sear"!

Sadder, but no wiser, you would find yourself at the next gun show searching for someone in the know.

In the mid-seventies the drop-in auto-sear was born. This little piece of hardware wet a hpan^j to the full-auto fan* it would fit in any Colt AR-13 without any machine work or special tools*

Although using a drop-in auto-sear required replacing the AR-15 trigger, hammer« disconnector« selector and bolt carrier with M-16 parts, the perta ware inexpensive and easily attainable.

Best of all. from the time U.P.S. hit the door with your conversion perta until you were on the way to the range to test fire your new mechinegun, was only about 30 minutes.

Tha early eighties were just the opposite of the late sixties. It seemed you couldn't pick up any firearm publications that wasn't over ran with AR-15 conversion ads* Most tried to sell drop-in: autMears. Others would show where to drlli the hole for the original military auto-sear (most: of these were incomplete and also Incorrect}* and then of course, for your ten bucks you could stilli buy tha wisdom of the ages* Tile de sear".

This AP-lfi full-auto conversion book contains three methods of converting the AR-15 Sporter into a maehlnegun. One of them is full-auto only [the lightning link}, tha other two convert the Sporter to select-fire.

Whether youYe interested in acquiring the knowledge to duplicate the original military select-fire; M-18* or your interests run to how a drop-in auto-sear la manufactured and used« the information is here»

The lightning link (chapter three] is a story all by its«IT, Without changing any parts in the AR-iS, without doing any machine work on the firearm* without bo much as touching a screwdriver« file or punch to tha firearm, it can be turned into a full-auto assault rifle.

NOTE Tha Information contained In this book la for acedemla study onfy. For an unlicensed person to use tha information to convert a saml-auto firearm into e machinegun is illegal. Severe penalties are authorized for violators.

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