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Only XM16E1 Rifle has a forward assist assembly with associated parts* Otherwise the M16 has the same components and parts.

resisting inner shield» The front and rear sights are adjustable*

1-11. Butt stock is mads of a durable synthetic material oi high Impact strength.

The instructions in this manual when different for each model will be noted accordingly»

1-9« The rifles (figure 1-1) are light-weight, air-cooled, gas-operatedj magasine-fed> iboulder or hip guns and are designed for either full automatic or semiautomatic fire. The rifles accommodate a 20-round magazine,

1-10, Barrel is air-cooled and is provided with a flash suppressor» and may serve as a grenade launcher and a front support for the bayonet. The barrel is surrounded by a heat resisting fibre glass material, which serves as a hand guard and forearm« The hand guard has a heat

1-12, Rifle* are easily opened by pressing the take down pin exposing the working parts, making it convenient for cleaning and Inspection,

1-13« The forward assist assembly, when actuated, forces the bolt forward to the locked position (XM16E1)«

1*14« Bolt locking action is one of the features of the rifles. The bolt contains locking lugs« Lugs on the barrel extension engage the bolt lugs and lock the bolt firmly in the barrel extension with or without cartridge in chamber. Thus the full force of the explosion of the cartridge is absorbed by the barrel extension and bolt. Receiver is made of light-weight aluminum alloys. The safety, durability and function of the rifles is in no way reduced and the portability and logistical values greatly increased, particularly when air transport Is used.

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