Figure Traversing and elevating mechanism

b. Pintle. The gun is connected to the tripod mount, M3, by a pintle (Figure 1-9, page 1-14). This pintle is semipermanently attached to the machine gun by a pintle bolt through the front mounting hole in the receiver. The tapered stem of the pintle seats in the tripod head. It is held secure by a pintle lock and spring. To release the pintle, raise the pintle lock, releasing the cam. The weight of the pintle and traversing and elevating mechanism are considered as part of the total weight of the tripod mount, M3 (44 pounds).

Hmmwv Pedestal Post Mount


The four principal vehicular mounts used with the caliber .50 machine gun are the truck mount, M36; the pedestal truck mount, M31C and M24A2; the commander's cupola, Ml 13 armored personnel carrier; and the MK64 gun cradle.

a. Truck Mount, M36. This mount consists of a cradle with a roller carriage on a circular track (Figure 1-10). The cradle can be rotated in the pintle sleeve of the carriage and can be adjusted for elevation. The carriage is guided on the track by rollers. The track is secured to the vehicle by supports.

(1) To move the gun in elevation on the M36 mount, remove the cradle locking pin and place it in the carriage handle; grasp the spade grips and elevate or depress as desired. The gun is also moved in traverse by pressure on the spade grips.

(2) To move the gun on the track, raise the brake handle lever until it is retained by the brake detent plungers. The cradle may then be moved on the track by applying pressure on the carriage handle.

b. Pedestal Truck Mount, M31C. Pedestal mounts are component assemblies designed for installation on the 1/4-ton vehicles to support a machine gun mount. They are composed of a pintle socket, pintle clamping screw column, and braces (Figure 1-11).

c. Armored Vehicle Cupola Mount. A caliber .50 machine gun and mount are installed in the gun support on the commander's cupola of an Ml 13 armored personnel carrier. The machine gun can be traversed 360 degrees, elevated 53 degrees, and depressed 21 degrees maximum (Figure 1-12).

M36 Machine Gun
Figure 1-10. Truck mount, M36.
Figure 1-11. Pedestal truck mount, M31 C.
M31 M31c Pedestal Mount
Figure 1-12. Cupola mount.

d. MK64 Gun Cradle Mount. This vehicle mount was primarily designed for the M2. However, because of its versatility, the MK64 will accept the MK 19 also (using the M2 mounting adapter assembly). The MK64 can be mounted on the following vehicles - Ml51 series, M966 HMMWV armament carrier, and the Ml 13 series (Figure 1-13).

M31c M31 Pedestal
Figure 1-13. MK64 gun cradle.

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