Function Check

A function check must be performed as soon as the weapon is assembled to ensure that the weapon has been assembled correctly. The following procedures should be taken to check the function of the weapon.

• Place the weapon in the single-shot mode.

• Open the cover and lock the bolt to the rear

(bolt should stay to rear while in the single-shot mode).

• Hold the retractor handles, press the bolt latch release, and ride the bolt forward.

• Press down on the trigger; weapon should fire. (Check T-slot to ensure that firing pin does protrude.)

• Place the weapon in the automatic-fire mode.

• Pull the retractor slide handle to the rear and hold. (Bolt should not lock to rear.)

• Release the pressure on the slide handles and ride the bolt forward.

• Make sure firing pin does not protrude.

• Press trigger; weapon should fire.

• Make sure firing pin does protrude.

NOTE: If weapon is going to be fired after assembly, then the headspace and timing must be set. (See Chapter 3 for these procedures.)

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    How to do a fuctions check on a 50 cal?
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