Lefthand Feed

By repositioning some of the components, the MG is capable of alternate feed. Ammunition can be fed into the weapon from the right or left side of the receiver; however the Army uses only left-hand feed. (See Table 3-1).



Belt-feed lever, shoulder headless pin, and spring.

Upper (rear) hole; lug of feed lever is on left side of cover.

Belt-feed slide.

Feed pawl is on left side of cover.

Belt-feed pawl arm.

Arm toward latch end of cover, pointing right.

Cover latch shaft lever

Left side of cover.

Cartridge stops and link stripper.

Right-hand rear cartridge stop assembly and front cartridge stop on right side of feed way.

Retracting slide with handle.

Right sideplate.

Belt-holding pawl.

Left side of feedway.

Bolt switch.

Cam grove in line with "L" on bolt.

Table 3-1. Position of parts for left-hand feed.

Table 3-1. Position of parts for left-hand feed.

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    How to change from right to left hand feed for m2 hb .50 cal?
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