Machine Gun Fundamental Skills Test

The machine gun fundamental skills test should be held periodically to ensure that proficiency with the MG is maintained by all crewmen. It consists of 10 fundamental skills; all tasks are hands-on (Figure 5-29). The test should be given prior to range firing on a go/no-go basis.


2. Disassemble the MG.

3. Assemble the MG.

4. D&a function check.

5. Mltntain the MG.

6. Set the headspace on the MG.

7. Set the timing on the MG.

9. Perform immediate action on the MG. 10. Unload the MG.


i 7v

Figure 5-29. The MG fundamental skills test.


This phase of training is designed to allow the gunner to apply the fundamentals of marksmanship that he learned earlier. During this training, the gunner is introduced to the basic machine gun target (see Appendix C), procedures for both the 10-meter and field fire ranges, and how to acquire targets. He also fires practice and qualification.

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