C Explanation Of Columns Sections Ii And Ill CONT

(6) When the item is not used with all serial numbers of the same model, the effective serial numbers are shown on the last line(s) of the description (before UOC).

(7) The usable on code, when applicable (see paragraph 5, Special Information).

(8) In the Special Tools List section, the basis of issue (BOI) appears as the last line(s) in the entry for each special tool, special TMDE, and other special support equipment. When density of equipment supported exceeds density spread indicated in the basis of issue, the total authorization is increased proportionately.

(9) The statement "END OF FIGURE" appears just below the last item description in Column 5 for a given figure in both Section II and Section Ill.

| g. QTY (Column (7)). The QTY (quantity per figure column) indicates the quantity of the item used in the breakout shown on the illustration figure, which is prepared for a functional group, subfunctional group, or an assembly. A "V" appearing in this column in lieu of a quantify indicates that the quantity is variable and the quantity may vary from application to application.

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