Sight aperture arm (2.1) is made of light plastic. Take care when driving in spring pin (2), or breakage may occur. |

1. Place sight aperture (3) and sight aperture retainer (4) in place on sightarm assembly (1) and drive in spring pin (2).

3. Place helical compression spring (6) in latch assembly (7). Insert latch assembly (7) in notch of sightarm assembly (1) and slide to the right.

4. Align the screw holes in sightarm assembly (1) and range assembly quadrant (8) or (8.1); install and tighten sight pivot screw (9).

5. Align screw holes in quadrant sight clamp (10) and range assembly quadrant (8) or (8.1); install mounting bolt (11).

ARMY TM 9-1010-221-23&P AIR FORCE TO 11W3-9-4-2 MARINE CORPS TM 07700A-23&P/2 NAVY SW 370-AE-MMI-010

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