AO- (Assembled by

Unit/AVUM Level) AF- (Assembled by DS/AVIM Level) AH- (Assembled by

GS Level) AL- (Assembled by

SRA) AD- (Assembled by Depot)

Items with these codes are not to be requested/requisitioned individually. The parts that make up the assembled item must be requisitioned or fabricated and assembled at the level of maintenance indicated by the source code. If the 3rd position code of the SMR code authorizes you to replace the item, but the source code indicates the item is assembled at a higher level, order the item from the higher level of maintenance.

XA- DO not requisition an "XA" -coded item. Order its next higher assembly. (Also, refer to the NOTE below.)

XB- If an "XB" item is not available from salvage, order it using the CAGEC and part number given.

XC- Installation drawing, diagram, instruction sheet, field service drawing, that is identified by manufacturer's part number.

XD- Item is not stocked. Order an "XD"-coded item through normal supply channels using the CAGEC and part number given, if no NSN is available.

Cannibalization or controlled exchange, when authorized, may be used as a source of supply for items with the above source codes, except for those source coded "XA" or those aircraft support items restricted by requirements of AR 750-1.

(2) Maintenance Code. Maintenance codes tell you the level(s) of maintenance authorized to USE and REPAIR support items. The maintenance codes are entered in the third and fourth positions of the SMR code as follows:

(a) The maintenance code entered in the third position tells you the lowest maintenance level authorized to remove, replace, and use an item. The maintenance code entered in the third position will indicate authorization to one of the following levels of maintenance:

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