Initial Setup

References to the Retaining Spring, PN 12973125, apply only to the original version of the Quick Release

I Bracket. The newest version does not require the Retaining Spring to prevent the accidental depression of the Detent Plunger, PN 12973126. PN 12999211 has replaced the old style Detent Plunger. Depress the plunger in the UNLOCK position to open the bracket, then in the LOCK position after the bracket is open to remove or insert the five position shim plate (see illustration below). If the Retaining Spring is lost or broken, order the new Detent Plunger and PN 12999210, Helical Compression Spring, which replaces PN 12973144. All other instructions concerning the installation and operation of the Quick Release Bracket are common to both the old and new versions.


(ARMY) Small Arms Repairman Tool Kit (item 5, app B)

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