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M203 Quick Release Bracket

4. If present, remove the lower rail of the M5 adapter rail system from the M16A4 rifle. Confirm that the barrel stop is installed inside the handguard cap. Move the rear of the receiver into position around the rifle barrel. Confirm that the latch arm (3) of the bracket is fully open. Rotate the muzzle end of the M203A2 towards the rifle barrel while sliding the M203A2 firmly to the rear. Confirm that the roll pin in the rear of the M203A2 receiver engages the rifle barrel nut at the six o'clock position notch.

M203 Mounting Bracket

5. Firmly hold the M203A2 in position/back against the barrel nut of the rifle, while also holding the muzzle end of the M203A2 against the rifle's barrel stop. Now, try to slide the M203A2 back and forth if possible, and note the distance of any sliding motion. Some motion may be detectable with the shim plate in its starting position.

ARMY TM 9-1010-221-23&P AIR FORCE TO 11W3-9-4-2 MARINE CORPS TM 07700A-23&P/2 NAVY SW 370-AE-MMI-010

6. Remove the M203A2 from the rifle. Depress the plunger (4), withdraw the shim plate and re-insert it in the #2 position (refer to step 2, page 4-14). Note that the #2 position is indicated by a single dot stamped on its shim plate cutout, and that this side of the shim plate faces the muzzle.

7. Re-mount the M203A2 to the rifle's barrel nut and barrel stop. Attempt to slide the M203A2 from front to rear.

8. If forward and back motion is detected, repeat step 7 with the #3 notch against the rifle barrel stop. If the assembly is now too long (it will not engage behind the barrel stop), go back to the last position tried with the shim plate, and complete the M203A2 attachment process as described next.

When the optimum position of the shim plate is established:

a. Carefully work the latch arm (3) between the rifle barrel and the gas tube.

b. Hold the retaining spring away from the plunger (4) and depress the plunger to unlock the latch lever (5).

c. Catch the hook (6) in the hole of the latch arm.

d. Rotate the latch lever (5) down.

e. Depress the plunger (4). Make sure the retaining spring does not engage the plunger during this step.

f. Squeeze the latch lever fully closed (which allows the plunger to be released and snap forward). This will hold the latch lever in the fully closed/locked position.


In its final motion, the latch lever may require very firm pressure against the bracket to allow the plunger to snap back into place, locking the latch lever closed. If necessary, use the buddy system. DO NOT use a vise or other mechanical device. Doing so may cause damage to the quick release bracket.

g. Rotate the M203A2 trigger guard (7) to engage the lip of the magazine well.

M203a2 Latch

ARMY TM 9-1010-221-23&P AIR FORCE TO 11W3-9-4-2 MARINE CORPS TM 07700A-23&P/2 NAVY SW 370-AE-MMI-010

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