The plunger is under spring pressure. Make sure the plunger is facing away from you.

7. Use a 1/16" punch to remove the spring pin (9) which retains the plunger (10) within the left bracket assembly (8). Remove the plunger and the compression spring from the left bracket assembly.

8. Use a 3/32" punch to remove the spring pin (11) only when replacing it.

9. Thoroughly clean the quick release bracket, paying special attention to the pivot points of the latch arm and latch lever. This will insure the quick release bracket operates correctly.

10. Lightly lubricate the quick release bracket surface areas. Generously lubricate the latch arm, latch lever, plunger, and the five-position shim plate. Be sure to generously lubricate all pivot points on the latch arm and latch lever.


Before inserting spring pin (9), make sure the plunger (10) is fully depressed.

11. To reassemble, reverse steps 3-8. Be sure to use a new spring pin. To remount the M203 w/quick release bracket to the host weapon, reverse step 1._


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