Section Ii Repair Parts Tools Special Tools Test Measurement And Diagnostic Equipment Tmde And Support Equipment

2-2. COMMON TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT. For authorized common tools and equipment, refer to the Modified Table of Organization and Equipment (MTOE), CTA 50-970 or CTA 8-100, as applicable to your unit.

2-3. SPECIAL TOOLS, TMDE, AND SUPPORT EQUIPMENT. Special tools, TMDE, and support equipment are listed in appendixes B and C of this manual.

2-4. REPAIR PARTS. Repair parts are listed and illustrated in appendix C of this manual.

ARMY TM 9-1010-221-23&P AIR FORCE TO 11W3-9-4-2 MARINE CORPS TM 07700A-23&P/2 NAVY SW 370-AE-MMI-010

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