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Figure 54.

8. Technique automation is the act of completing a portion of the act of firing without having to consciously think about it. The beginning shooter must think about breathing, sight picture, and follow through in order to actually execute them. The experienced shooter does not actively think about sight alignment, sight picture, trigger control, position, breathing, or even follow through. They come naturally upon request and his mind is free to perfect his concentration thereby aiding all of the above. Most heavy coat shooters will find they will have to concentrate on follow through at first until it becomes automatic.

9. Lastly, there is the problem of poor-scores. The light coat has been the downfall of many good shooters because they could not cope with the added hardship. When their hold deteriorated, so did their concentration and shooting became work instead of fun.

10. To the champion, shooting is constant pain and work. If he is not working hard enough to ache, he is not reaching his full potential and he will simply not be able to win. This desire is amplified with the light coat and that is why the same people that were winning in the heavy coats will win in light ones. The techniques discussed here are not meant to replace only those that have been previously stated, but to amplify them in light of the constantly changing shooting environment.


1. General Provisions: The positions shown on previous pages are not changed when shooting with a standard rifle. The standard rifle is broadly defined as a straight stock rifle without a hook butt or palm rest. However, the greatest care must be taken to meet the requirements of the basic standing position.

2. Requirements: In the standing position, the stock will generally be placed very high in the shoulder and the right arm will be raised somewhat. The grip of the right hand will be firm (Figure

3. Supporting Rifle with the Left Hand: There are several methods of supporting the standard rifle with the left hand.

a. Probably the best expedient is to double the fist (figure 58).

b. Another method is to place the rifle in the fork of the index and middle fingers (Figures 56 and

c. Some shooters support the rifle on the finger tips. This is not ideal because there are too many joints involved and if any one of the fingers moves the hold could be disturbed.

d. Wearing a glove on the left hand should improve any method that is chosen.

Figure 57.

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