On The Trigger

Figure 17. Placing the finger on the trigger.

4. Types of Triggers. There are several types of triggers used in national and international competition. Each of these triggers has been used extensively and successfully in competition. The shooter should choose the type of trigger which best suits his coordination and personal preference.

a. Single stage trigger - A single stage trigger is one in which no noticeable movement of slack exists until the instant the trigger'sear disengages. Trigger weight or activation weight may range from pounds to ounces.

b. Two stage trigger - A two stage trigger has a noticeable amount of movement or travel before reaching a distinct resistance, at this point, it functions as a single stage trigger. When the pressure used to activate the first stage iB released, the trigger returns to its original position; therefore, the first stage may be activated repeatedly without effecting the second stage function.

c. Set trigger - The set trigger may function as either a single or two stage trigger. If it is cocked only by closing the bolt, it acts as a two stage trigger; however, if it is cocked by closing the bolt and by the manual setting device, it functions as a very light single stage trigger. Weight variations may range from approximately 6 ounces to less than 1 ounce.

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