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3. Inspect bore for burrs, cracks, rust, bulges, and pits using the following guidelines

(a) Pits no wider than a land or groove and no longer than 3'8 inch (0.95 cm) are al lowed in the bore.

(b) Lands that appear dark blue due to coating of gliding metal from projectiles are allowable.

(c) Definitely ringed bores or bores ringed sufficiently to bulge the outside surface of the barrel are cause for rejection. Replace barrel assembly if defective

4. If the upper receiver is separated from the barrel assembly, Inspect chamber for pits utilizing a flashlight. Pits 1'8 inch 10 32 cm) In length are cause for rejection Replace rifle barrel assembly If defective

5. If upper receiver and barrel assembly is assembled, Inspect chamber using reflector tool (1) and flashlight. Pits 1 '8 inch (O 32 cm) In length are cause for rejection. Replace rifle barrel assembly If defective. If rifle barrel assembly Is replaced, Inspect headspace (p 3-45).

6. Inspect upper receiver assembly for cracks, corrosion, wear, or damage

(a) Small dents or gouges that do not affect functioning will not be cause for rejection.

(b) If upper receiver assembly contains cracks or holes, the upper receiver assembly will be replaced

7. Inspect all parts for damage and wear. Replace all defective parts.

Damaged or missing teeth of the barrel nut is not cause for rejection provided the proper torque value can be obtained during installation using the tools depicted. If removal of the barrel is not possible with the combination tool, a pipe wrench or other such tool may be used during removal.

8. Inspect front sight guards for bends, if bent see page 3-37 for repair procedures.

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