How To Locate Repair Parts Cont

(2) Second. Find the figure covering the assembly group or subassembly group to which the item belongs.

(3) Third. Identify the item on the figure and use the Figure and Item Number Index to find the NSN. b. When National Stock Number or Part Number is Known.

(1) First. Using the National Stock Number or the Part Number Index, find the pertinent National Stock Number or Part Number. The NSN index is in National Item Identification Number (NIIN) sequence. (See C4.a.(1).) The pat numbers in the Part Number Index are listed in ascending alpha numeric sequence. (See C4.b.) Both indexes cross-reference you to the illustration/figure and item number of the item you are looking for.

(2) Second. Turn to the figure and item number, verify that the item is the one you're looking for, then locate the item number in the repair parts list for the figure.

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