C Stowage Cont

(5) Reinsert the adapter bar into position on the arms rack. Using two 3/8 inch x 2 inch machine screws (MS35206-315, NSN 5305-00-984-5695) or equivalent, four washers (MS21306-1C, NSN 5310-01- 327-9713) or equivalent and two nuts (MS35649-2382, NSN 5310-00-056-3395) or equivalent assemble adapter bar to arms rack and tighten securely. The bolts can be inserted from either the back or the front to meet your requirements. If the rack is placed close to a wall or another rack It is recommended that the bolts be inserted from the back

(6) Tack weld, braze, or peen the threaded end of the bolt to the nut to prevent easy removal

(7) Place rack back into position and replace the weapons

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