Do not apply pressure to the receiver.

(d) Grasp the BARREL near the receiver so that when force is applied the barrel will flex In the same direction as noted In step (b).

(e) Give the barrel a sharp jerk of approximately 20 to 40 pounds of force (f) Remove the barrel from the vise and recheck straightness (step (al).

(g) If gage still will not pass through the barrel, perform step (b) to determine direction of bend If the barrel is still bent in the same direction as before, perform steps (c) through (f) using slightly more force. If the barrel Is now bent In the opposite direction, replace the rifle barrel assembly.

(h) If the gage passes freely through the barrel, the barrel shall be considered straight and continue In service.

(i) If the barrel has been straightened, the rifle must be targeted (p 3-45).

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