Do not use a wire brush on aluminum surfaces. NOTE

If a weapons lower receiver is missing one third or more of its exterior protective finish, resulting in an unprotected, light reflecting surface, it is candidate for overhaul. This missing finish will be considered a shortcoming. This shortcoming requires action to obtain a replacement weapon. Once a replacement has been received, evacuate the original weapon to depot for overhaul.

Solid Film Lubricant (SFL) is the only authorized touchup for the weapon and may be used on up to one third of the exterior finish of the weapon. FOR ARMY CONUS USE ONLY AND AIR FORCE TRAINING WEAPONS ONLY: SFL may be used as a touchup without limitation on the upper receiver and barrel assembly. This is to say that units which DO NOT fall under the category of Divisional Combat Units or rapid deployment type units may have up to 100 percent of the exterior surface of the upper receiver and barrel assembly protected with SFL if necessary.

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