(1) Receivers are made of light-weight aluminum alloys; however, the safety , durability, and function of the rifles are in no way reduced. The portability and logistical values are greatly increased, particularly when air transport is used.

(2) The bolt locking action is one of the mechanical features of the rifle. The bolt assembly and barrel extension contain locking lugs which engage and lock the bolt assembly firmly in the barrel extension. The initial force of the explosion of the cartridge is absorbed by the barrel, barrel extension, and bolt assembly.

Change 4 1-3

(3) The trigger guard is easily adaptable to winter operations. A spring-loaded retaining pin is depressed to allow ready access to the trigger when wearing arctic mittens.

(4) The ejection port cover prevents dirt or sand from getting into the ejection port. The ejection port cover must be closed during periods when firing is not anticipated. It opens automatically by the forward or rearward movement of the bolt carrier assembly.

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