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12. (a) If the test fails using finger pressure, remove the gage and perform the test again as follows: With the muzzle down, stack 8 1/2 to 8 3/4 pounds of trigger weights (8) on a locally fabricated spacer/weight (9) on the bolt carrier assembly (10) Insert headspace gage (11 ) and test per above instructions.

(b) Remove trigger weights (8), spacer/weight (9), bolt carrier assembly (10), charging handle (12), and headspace gage (11 ).

(c) If excessive headspace, first replace bolt assembly and then recheck If headspace is not corrected, replace barrel assembly; then recheck with the original bolt to determine if the bolt is still good or If the bolt should be replaced also.

Headspace Gauge

This task covers:

a. Disassembly

d. Lubrication

b. Inspection

e. Reassembly

c. Repair

f. Mechanical Zero Procedures (A.F.




Equipment Conditions

(ARMY) Small Arms Repairman Tool Kit

3-29 Upper receiver assembly removed.

(item 3, app B)

Field Maintenance Basic Less Power

General Safety Instructions

Small Arms Shop Set (item 1, app B)

To avoid injury to your eyes, use care

when removing and installing spring-


loaded parts.

Cleaner, lubricant, and preservative (CLP)

When using solid film lubricant or

(item 9, app D)

dichloromethane, be sure the area is

Lubricant, solid film (item 21, app D)

well ventilated.

Index screw (9349065)


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