Stocked items; use the applicable NSN to request/requisition Items with these source codes They are authorized to the level indicated by the code entered In the 3d position of the SMR code.

* *NOTE: Items coded PC are subject to deterioration.

Items with these codes are not to be requested/requisi-toned Individually They are part of a kit which is author->zed to the maintenance level indicated In the 3d positon of the SMR code The complete kit must be requisitioned and applied.

MO-(Made at Unit/

AVIM Level) MH-(Made at GS

Level) ML- (Made at Specialized Repair Act (SRA))

MD-(Made at Depot)

Items with these codes are not to be requested/requisitioned Individually They must be made from bulk material which Is identified by the part number In the DESCRIPTION AND USABLE ON CODE (UOC) column and listed In the Bulk Material group of the repair parts list in this RPSTL If the Item Is authorized to you by the 3d position code of the SMR code, but the source code Indicates It is made at a higher level, order the Item from the higher level of maintenance.

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