FDescription And Usable On Code Uoc Column This column includes the following Information

(1) The Federal item name and, when required, a minimum description to identify the Item.

(2) The physical security classification of the item is indicated by the parenthetical entry which is a physical security classification abbreviation, e.g., Phy Sec C1 (C) Confidential, Phy Sec C1 (S) Secret, Phy Sec C1 (T) Top Secret.

(3) Items that are included in kits and sets are listed below the name of the kit or set.

(4) Spare/repair parts that make up an assembled item are listed immediately following the assembled item line entry.

(5) Part numbers for bulk materials are referenced in this column In the line item entry for the Item to be manufacture red/fabricated.

(6) When the item is not used with all serial numbers of the same model, the effective serial numbers are shown on the last line(s) of the description (before UOC).

(7) The usable on code, when applicable (see paragraph 5, Special Information).

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