a. Only rifles which have been classified as serviceable condition code A, B, or C under AR 725-50 will be considered for overseas shipment. All items of equipment for which equipment serviceability criteria have been published must, as a minimum, be rated green under the ESC as a prerequisite to overseas shipment. In addition to the condition code standard, as enumerated above, and the required ESC rating prescribed herein, the rifle being considered for overseas shipment must meet the requirements of this section. The ESC will be discontinued as new operator manuals are revised which will be used to determine serviceability condition of rifle.

b. Waivers to provisions can only be granted by the gaining command of any particular end Item being considered for issue, deployment, or shipment. The issuing services may recommend issue or shipment of rifles not meeting the provisions when all the following conditions exist:

(1) Repair parts in required quantities cannot be obtained from the supply system prior to delivery of the end item.

(2) The gaining command concurs in the receipt of the end item for storage until required repair parts become available. The gaining command must also state that capability, facilities, and funds are available to perform the necessary work when parts become available.

(3) Department of the Army approval is obtained on a case-by-case basis.

(4) Required repair parts are requisitioned by the issuing command for delivery to the Framing command.


c. All Department of the Army MWO's applicable to the specific rifle being considered for shipment overseas must have been applied.

d. Refer to SB 746-1 for pertinent publications relating to equipment processing and marking information e. Refer to AMC-P 310-9 for publications containing applicable overhaul standards.

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