Nsn 1005-00-233-9031

a The following items of auxiliary equipment are used in conjunction with the Weapons:

(1) 40mm Grenade Launcher M203, NSN 1010-00-179-6447, (M16A2 ONLY)

(2) Lock Plate, NSN 1005-00-233-9031.

(3) Top Sling Adapter, NSN 1005-00-406-1570.

(4) Blank Firing Attachment M15A2, NSN 1005-00-118-6192, (M16A2 ONLY), Blank Firing Attachment M23, NSN 1005-01-361-8208 (M4 ONLY)

Change 4(5) ARMY ONLY: Conversion Kit, M261 (caliber .22 rimfire adapter), NSN 1005-01-010-1561.

(6) Bayonet-Knife M7, NSN 1005-00-073-9238.

(7) Bayonet-Knife Scabbard M10, NSN 1095-00-223-7164.

(8) M9 Multi-Purpose Bayonet System, NSN 1005-01-227-1739.

(9) Night Vision Sight, Individual Served Weapon, AN/PVS-4, NSN 5855-00-629-5334 (M16A2 ONLY) (10) M2 Practice Bolt, NSN 1005-01-184-4041 (M16A2 ONLY)

b Refer to TM 9-1010-221-23&P for unit maintenance for the Grenade Launcher M203.

c ARMY ONLY: Refer to TM 9-6920-363-12&P for unit maintenance for the M261 Conversion Kit (caliber rimfire adapter ) M16, M16A1, and M16A2 Rifles.

d Refer to TM 9-1005-237-23&P for repair instructions and repair parts for Bayonet-Knife M7 and Bayonet Knife Scabbard M10 and M9 Multi-Purpose Bayonet System.

e Refer to TM 11-5855-213-23&P for maintenance for the Night Vision Sight, Individual Served Weapon, AN/PVS-4.

f Refer to TM 9-6920-746-12&P for unit maintenance for the M2 Practice Bolt.


Practice Bolt1005 406 1570

3 Install lock plate (5) with the detent helical spring (4) passing through the hole In the right side of the lock plate and the arm on the outside of the receiver The selector lever just point to the SAFE position


4 Carefully compress detent helical grip (1)

5. Using a screwdriver secure pistol by Installing lockwasher 131 spring (4) and position pistol grip (1) and screw 12)


1005 406 1570

Inspect lock plate for serviceability and broken arm Replace If unserviceable or if arm is broken off

This task covers:

a Installation

c Inspection

b Removal



Top sling adapter kit PN 8448471


TM 9-1005-319-10


1 Refer to TM 9-1005-319-10 to remove sling.


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