There are several things you need to know to use this manual efficiently.

1. All references in the manual are to pages only. Reference to maintenance procedures is to the page where the respective initial setup appears.

2. Illustrations for the maintenance procedures show only those parts affected by the operation being performed.

3. Whenever the male gender is mentioned in the manual (i.e., crewman, repairman), it also pertains to females.

4. When the term "evacuate to support maintenance" is used, the entire rifle must be evacuated.

5. When a procedure is common to M16A2 rifle, and M4/M4A1 carbine, ONLY the M16A2 configuration will be I depicted. If a procedure is not common to both weapons, the procedure will be incorporated.

6. When the word rifle is referenced in text, it will reference the rifle and the carbines. I INDEXES

This manual is organized to help you find the information you need quickly. There are several useful indexes.

1. Table of Contents. Lists in order all chapters, sections, and appendixes. Gives page references.

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