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Use bolt carrier key tool to install disconnector springs.

1. Use the following procedures to install two disconnector springs (1) using the bolt carrier key tool:

(a) Secure the trigger (2) in a soft vise jaws or similar device.

(b) Place one spring (1) firmly on the tool with large diameter coils outward.

(c) Press spring (1) into recess to solid height.

(d) Hold spring at solid height and slide spring into one of the holes until the punch is flush and perpendicular with the recess wall.

(e) Turn the spring one to two turns opposite of coil winding of the spring.

(f) Discontinue winding when an audible click or snap is heard or felt. This indicates that the spring is seated.

(g) Hold the spring (1) in place when removing the tool to avoid unseating or damaging the spring.

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