Ma Rifle Final Inspection Cont a Final Inspection Conti

6 Check rear sight assembly as follows:

(a) Rotate elevation knob counterclockwise until the rear sight assembly is all the way down. If a whole click Is not felt as the rear sight assembly stops, the rear sight assembly has bottomed out and will not pivot freely.

(b) Position elevation knob back slightly to its last whole click as the rear sight assembly base is under tension of the ball bearing and helical spring. The 300 meter mark should align with the mark on the receiver (c) If the 300 meter mark is not aligned with the mark on receiver, slip the range scale in the following manner:

(1) Position the 300 meter mark with the mark on the receiver.

(2) Insert a 1/16 inch alien wrench through the access hole of the rear sight assembly base and into the index screw.

(3) Loosen the index screw three turns and leave the wrench in place.

(4) Rotate lower portion of elevation knob counterclockwise until it stops (range scale should not have moved). Elevation knob should be positioned on its last whole click.

(5) Tighten index screw and remove wrench.

(6) Check for proper setting.

7 Pull charging handle assembly to rear. Check that chamber is clear. Leave hammer in cocked position.

8. Place selector lever is SAFE position and pull trigger. Hammer should not fall.

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