Ml A Rifle And Mma Carbine Annual Gaging Requirements

This task covers.

a Inspection

b Gaging


Test Equipment

• All Army Reserve and Army National Guard

Tool and Gage Set (item 2, app B)

M16A2 rifles must be inspected and gaged

at least once every 2 years, after the


initial inspection/gaging procedures have

(ARMY) Small Arms Repairman Tool Kit

been accomplished. This 2 year interval

(item 3, app B)

may be maintained unless preventive

Field Maintenance Basic Less Power

maintenance checks and services (PMCS),

Small Arms Shop Equipment (item 1,

or other physical evidence, indicates that

app B)

an individual unit's rifles require inspection/

gaging at a more frequent interval. If it is


determined that a yearly inspection is

DA PAM 738-750

necessary for an individual unit, only that

TM 9-1005-319-10

unit will be affected. This will not affect other

AFR 50-36

units in regard to the interval of inspection.

AFTO Form 105

• It is recommended that training units inspect/

gage all rifles at the end of each training

General Safety Instructions

cycle. Training units will inspect/gage all

• To avoid injury to your eyes, use care

rifles at least once annually.

when removing and installing spring-

• Air Force M16 rifles will be inspected in accord

loaded parts

ance with AFR 50-36, Vol 1, Chapter 5.

• Initial gaging is required 1 year from

receipt of the weapons.

• All rifles and carbines must be gaged at

least once annually for safety.


1 Visually inspect general appearance of weapon Overall appearance will be approximately that of a new weapon. For inspection criteria refer to final inspection, page 3-84 All visual and functional Inspection requirements must be met.

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    Do military M4s need annual gauging?
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    What is weapons gaging?
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    Is an annual gauging a service?
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