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Do not remove the carrying handle assembly nut (2 each) or clamp for normal maintenance. If carrying handle assembly nut or clamp are missing or the clamp is damaged to the point of being non-functional they may be replaced.

7.1. Disassemble as follows only if required to replace damaged or missing carrying handle assembly nut or clamp.

a. Observe the position of the clamp (15) in relation to the carrying handle (16).

b. Using care not to damage the surface finish, remove carrying handle assembly nut(s) (17) and clamp as required.

c. Inspect mating surfaces of the carrying handle (16) and the clamp (15) for damage. If damaged replace the damaged part.

d. Inspect for other damage, rust, etc. Repair or replace as required.

e. Apply a light coat of lubricant to all mating surfaces.

f. Install clamp (15) paying close attention to ensure that it is installed in its original position. The forward end of the clamp (15) must not extend past the forward end of the carrying handle (16).

g. Taking care not to cross thread, install handle assembly nut (17).

Army Maintenance Manuals


Clean all items (operator's manual).

l.Inspect handguard assemblies for breaks separation, and cracks using the following guidelines:

a. Breaks and separations of material which prevent proper retention or interfere with functioning of the rifle will be cause for handguard assembly rejection and replacement.

b. M16A2 handguard assemblies may have up to two of the three front retaining tabs missing (1). M4/M4A1 may not have any front retaining tabs (1) missing. If all front retaining tabs for the M1 6A2 are missing, or any of the tabs for the M4/M4A1 are missing, handguard assemblies must be replaced.

c. Cracks up to one inch in length are acceptable provided they do not extend into the retaining flange (CRITICAL AREA) (2).

d. Replace severely cracked or damaged handguard assemblies. Handguard assemblies which have a heat shield which is loose enough to rattle when installed on the rifle must be replaced._

2. Inspect front sight assembly for chips, breaks, and cracks. Evacuate to support maintenance if broken, cracked, or bent.

3. Inspect front sight area for evidence of gas leakage around gas tube. Evacuate to support maintenance if short recoil results from gas leakage.

4. Inspect front sight post, front sight detent, and helical spring for damage. If damaged, replace.

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