This procedure, when used in conjunction with front sight mechanical zero adjustment (p 2-54), will give an approximate battle site zero to most M16A2 rifles. The above steps can also be used before firing a new or newly assigned rifle. Use the procedure to check rifles stored in preferred packaging during routine inspections. This will help ensure people armed with the rifles will stand a better chance of hitting an enemy if the rifles must be used before a live fire zero can be made. Whenever possible, zeroing of the rifle should be accomplished using ball ammunition on a 25 meter zeroing target using the "L" aperture.

After the rifle is assembled, the rear sight is centered, and placed at the 300 meter mark, perform the following check: While looking at a light background sight through the rear sight and obtain good sight alignment with the front sight placed in the center of the rear sight aperture. If while performing this check the hole in the rear sight aperture appears oval instead of round, the rear sight base or upper receiver should be replaced. To determine which part requires replacement, replace the rear sight base first. If this does not resolve the problem, replace the upper receiver.

This task covers:

a. Disassembly c. Repair b. Inspection d. Lubrication

e. Reassembly



Equipment Conditions

(ARMY) Small Arms Repairman Tool Kit

3-48 Forward assist assembly removed

(item 3, app B)

Field Maintenance Basic Less Power

General Safety Instructions

Small Arms Shop Set (item 1, app B)

To avoid injury to your eyes, use care when

removing and installing spring-loaded



Cleaner, lubricant, and preservative (CLP)

(item 9, app D) | a


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