Ensure barrel is clean prior to performing the following test.

4. Check straightness of bore using straightness gage (2) PN 8448202. Put gage in barrel. Tilt barrel and allow gage to fall through. Catch gage.

5. Gage must pass freely through barrel. If gage does not pass through barrel, recheck as follows. Hold upper receiver and barrel assembly (3) in vertical position with muzzle pointed down; insert gage into chamber end of barrel. Release gage and catch it as it exits muzzle end. If gage passes freely through the barrel, barrel is acceptable. If it does not, the barrel must be straightened or replaced. (See page 3-38 for straightening instructions/ procedures.)

Headspace Gauge

6. Assemble charging handle assembly (4), bolt assembly, and key and bolt carrier assembly (5) into upper receiver assembly (6).

7. Insert headspace gage (7) PN 7799734 in chamber.

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