Do not attempt to hold the upper receiver assembly with a pry bar, however, If the rifle barrel assembly turns In the holding fixture, a pry bar may be used through the front sight assembly base to help prevent the rifle barrel assembly from turning In the holding fixture. Use care not to distort or bend front sight assembly or retaining pins. Use "buddy system" to hold pry bar.

12. Torque the barrel nut assembly again to 30 ft-lb (40.5 N-m) while maintaining sight alignment. The barrel nut assembly may be tightened beyond 30 ft-lb (40.5 N-m) to align the barrel nut assembly serrations for proper gas tube clearance Never loosen the barrel nut assembly to align for gas tube clearance.

13. Check alignment of barrel nut assembly (9) with upper receiver assembly (8). The front 8 inches (20.32 cm) of a gas tube may be used as an alignment tool (see Illustration). This Is Inserted Into the bolt carrier key and then Inserted into the rear of the receiver. If the parts of the barrel nut assembly are properly aligned, the tool will pass freely and lay top dead center along the top of the barrel. A number 15 twist drill (0.180 inch) may also be needed as an alignment tool. If necessary, tighten barrel nut assembly to next hole to allow proper alignment.



15. Torque compensator (12) to 15-20 ft-lb (20-27 N-m) using combination wrench (10) and torque wrench. Torque is measured when both wrenches are used together. Some portion of the openIng of the third or middle slot must be straight up (align with the front sight post) (12.1) at proper torque level. Thin sections of the peel washer may be removed or added as required. Save unused sections.

3-44 Change 4

Change 5 3-45

Change 5 3-45

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