For disassembly of bolt assembly (5), see page 2-38.

Change 5 2-35



Clean all items (operator's manual). Remove carbon deposits.


1. Inspect bolt assembly (1) as follows:

a. Check to see that the bolt ring (2) gaps are staggered.

b. Install bolt assembly (1) into key and bolt carrier assembly (3). Check for worn rings by holding the key and bolt carrier assembly (3) with the bolt assembly facing down. If bolt assembly falls out after firing pin retaining pin (4) and bolt cam pin (5) are removed, the rings are worn. Evacuate to support maintenance.

2.Inspect carrier key (6) for dents, distortion, or looseness. If dented or loose, evacuate to support maintenance.

3. Inspect firing pin retaining pin (4) and bolt cam pin (5) for cracks, damage, or excessive wear. Replace if unserviceable.

4. Inspect firing pin (7) for damage or If tip is chipped. Evacuate rifle to support maintenance if unserviceable

5. Inspect key and bolt carrier assembly (3) for damage or wear. If unserviceable, evacuate to support maintenance.


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