M16A2 buttstocks, PN 9349121, with unauthorized markings may be used under the following conditions:

a. The only authorized markings are those which are temporary In nature, i e , paint, tape, etc b. When marking a buttstock, only use temporary markings c. Buttstocks with unauthorized markings that have been stamped into the surface of the buttstock will not be used d. Unauthorized markings that have previously been scratched, etched, carved, etc may continue In use if the marks do not extend Into the fiber of the buttstock Cutting Into the fiber of the buttstock may weaken it e. These marks may be at any location on the buttstock Unauthorized markings are not desirable. However, if previously applied, they will be allowed to continue In use due to the cost of the buttstock.

1 . Inspect buttstock for cracks using the following guidelines:

a. Under the following conditions, hairline cracks (no chipped away material allowed) originating from buttplate end of buttstock are acceptable.

(1) One hairline crack, not to exceed 1 in. 12.54 cm) In length, per side of buttstock.

(2) Two additional hairline cracks up to 0 25 in (0 64 cm) In length, per side of buttstock

(3) A total of three cracks per side of buttstock, originating from buttplate end, are allowable.

b. Cracks In the critical area at the front end of the buttstock are not acceptable and these buttstocks must be replaced.

2. While buttplate Is Installed on rifle, Inspect for cracks around the mounting holes Check for cracks In excess of 0 25 In. (O 64 cm) In length which extend through the buttplate Replace If cracked.

3. Inspect door assembly for cracks, corrosion, stuck plunger, separations on outer face, or other damage Replace If defective.


Replace all authorized unserviceable Items Unserviceable Items are those Items which are damaged.



Lubricate all metal components (p 2-33) (operator's manual)



1. Position hinge (1) on door assembly (2) and Install straight pin (3)


3. Position buttplate group (6) and small sling swivel (7) to the buttstock (8) and secure with self-locking screw (9).


See page 2-62, reassembly, for reassembly of buttstock assembly to lower receiver

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