Particular attention must be given to the area where the lugs meet the bolt body and around the side walls of the cam pin hole.

Bolt rings must not be broken. Ring gaps must be properly spaced approximately 1/3 turn apart and not in line.

Firing pin protrusion must be not less than 0.028 inch (0.071 cm) or more than 0.036 inch (0.091 cm). (Use firing pin protrusion gage 7799735.)

Socket head capscrews must be staked.

Carrier key must not be dented where end mates with gas tube.

Repair or replace damaged carrier keys.


Trigger pull

Inspect headspace using headspace gage 7799734. Excessive headspace will be cause for rejection.

Inspect trigger pull using trigger measuring fixture 7274758. Trigger pull must be minimum 5.5 pounds (2.49 kg), maximum for M16A2 and M4 is 9.5 pounds (4.31 kg) and maximum for M4A1 is 8.5 pounds (3.86 kg). Test trigger pull, refer to page 3-83, steps a, b, c, and d.

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