a. The standards prescribed provide for a high percentage of remaining life in affected rifles; therefore, rifles designated for overseas shipment must qualify under the standards contained in the following paragraph, table, and in referenced DA publications, before they can be approved for shipping action.

b. Provisions of this standard apply to all US Army agencies/activities selecting or preparing rifles for shipment to US troops overseas. It also applies to CONUS troops preparing rifles for shipment overseas. Provisions do not apply either to rifles being prepared for shipment to MAP/MAS recipients unless specifically prescribed by MAP/MAS transaction for the materiel or to rifle being returned to CONUS from overseas. The maintenance instructions and standards contained herein do not apply to rifles once the material has arrived at the overseas destination. At that time, maintenance instructions contained in the applicable TM's will be used.

c. This applies to rifles which are the logistic responsibility of the US Army Armament, Munitions and Chemical Command.

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