Shipment Or Issue

a. Organizational Repair Parts, Tools, and Equipment. Rifles must be complete with all Items required by applicable Department of the Army publications, including those In the basic Issue items Iist of the appropriate operator's manual.

b. Publications. Operator publications applicable to the equipment log book must accompany the equipment. All log book entries must be complete and up-to-date including those covering any repairs, replacements, or adjustments made to the rifle In complying with this section.

c. Documentation. Prepare DA Form 2408-9 (Equipment Control Record) at time of overseas shipment or Issue to another stock record or property book account, in accordance with the provisions of DA PAM 738-750.

d. Preparation. Process rifles for shipment as required by shipping documents and pertinent regulations.

3-24. DISPOSITION. Disqualified rifles which do not qualify for shipment will either be redistributed within the camp, post, or station, be repaired, or become candidates for overhaul, cannibalization, or other disposition as required by existing regulations.

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