Table MM Rifle Ma Mma Carbine Cont

Item Standard

Bolt carrier group Inspect bolt for elongated or oversized firing pin hole using plain cylinder gage 12620101.

Firing pinholes which permit the plain cylinder plug gage to fully penetrate at any position on the circumference will be rejected.

Bolt face with a cluster of pits which are touching or tightly grouped, covering an area measuring approximately 1/8 inch (0.31 cm) across will be rejected.

Bolts which contain pits extending into the firing pinhole will not be rejected unless firing pin hole gaging check determines rejection.

Bolts which contain individual pits or scattered pits will not be cause for rejection.

Only phosphated bolt carriers are acceptable. Both phosphated and chrome plated bolts are acceptable.

Bolt locking lugs and bolt cam pin hole Inspect for cracks in the locking lugs and cam pin hole area. Use a black light, if available; otherwise, use a glass of no more than 3X magnification or use inspection penetrant (item 25, app D). Use instructions contained in kit for application. If cracks are detected, the bolts will be replaced.

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