Table MM Rifle MA

Item Standard


General Clear rifle of any ammunition and Inspect In accordance with paragraph 3-25.

Barrel and barrel extension Check barrel erosion. Use barrel erosion gage 8448496

for chrome lined barrels. Stripping of lands and grooves shall not be cause for rejection unless so determined by barrel erosion gage.

Visually inspect, using chamber reflector tool 8448201.

Pits 1/8 inch (0.31 cm) In length and those pits large enough to extend from the body of the chamber into the shoulder stop area and forcing cone area are cause for rejection. Large pits are defined as those 1/8 inch (0.31 cm) or more in diameter as determined by visual Inspection. Only closed flash suppressors are acceptable.

Check barrel for straightness using bore straightness gage 8448202. Gage must pass freely through the bore to be acceptable, either dropped from the muzzle or chamber end.

Front sight and gas tube Inspect gas tube for proper alignment with carrier key.

Gas tube must not bind when mating with the key.

Evidence of gas leaks around the front sight connection of the gas tube shall be cause for rejection until rifle has been function fired to determine if the loss of gas is sufficient to cause malfunction.

If function firing malfunctions occur, repairs are necessary.

Inspect front sight for damage.

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