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Carbine, M4/M4A1 without magazine and sling 6 lb 7 oz

Rifle, Ml 6A2 without magazine and sling 7 lb 8 oz

Sling, adjustable 4 oz

Empty magazine 4 oz

Loaded magazine 1 lb 1 oz

Carbine, M4/M4A1 w/sling and loaded magazine ... 7 lb 12 oz

Rifle M16A2 w/sling and loaded magazine 8 lb 13 oz

Bayonet-Knife M7 10.5 oz

Scabbard M10 o 5 oz


Carbine with compensator, buttstock extended 33.0 in

Carbine with compensator, buttstock closed 29.75 in

Rifle with compensator 39.63 in

Barrel (Carbine) 14.5 in

Barrel (Rifle) 20 in

Barrel with compensator (Carbine) 15.5 in

Barrel with compensator (Rifle) 21 in

Mechanical features:

Rifling right-hand twist 6 grooves, 1 turn

Method of operation direct gas

Type of breech mechanism rotating bolt

Method of feeding magazine

Cooling air


Caliber 223

Type ball, blank, dummy, and tracer

Firing characteristics:

Muzzle velocity (Carbine) (approximate) 2,970 fps

Muzzle velocity (Rifle) (approximate) 3,100 fps

Chamber pressure 52,000 psi

Cyclic rate of fire (Carbine) (approximate) 700-970 rds/m

Cyclic rate of fire (Rifle) (approximate) 700-900 rds/m


2.91 kg 3.40 kg 0.11 kg 0.11 kg 0.48 kg 3.51 kg 4.00 kg 0.30 kg 0.14 kg

83.82 cm 75.57 cm 100.66 cm


905.85 mps 945.5 mps 358,540 kPa

1-4.2 Change 5

Maximum rate of fire:



Sustained rate of fire

Maximum range

Maximum effective range:

Individual/point targets (Carbine).

Individual/point targets (Rifle)

Area targets (Carbine)

Area targets (Rifle)


45 rds/m 90 rds/m 12/15 rds/m 3,938 yards

547 yards 602 yards 650 yards 875 yards


Approximately 3,600 meters

500 meters 550 meters 600 meters 800 meters

Section III. PRINCIPLES OF OPERATION 1-11. GENERAL. The 5.56mm M16A2 and M4/M4A1 carbine:

a. Is gas-operated. It fires in either the semiautomatic or burst mode.

b. Has positive locking of the bolt. Firing pin is part of the bolt carrier assembly and cannot strike the primer until the bolt assembly is fully locked.

Change 4 1-5

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