Before starting an inspection, be sure to clear the rifle. Do not keep live ammunition near the work area.

a. General. The PMCS procedures are contained in the table following. They are arranged in logical sequence requiring a minimum amount of time and motion on the part of the persons performing them and are arranged so that there will be minimum interference between persons performing checks simultaneously on the same end item.

b. Item No. Column. Checks and services are numbered in disassembly sequence. This column shall be used as a source of item numbers for the "TM Number" column on DA Form 2404, Equipment Inspection and Maintenance Worksheet, in recording results of PMCS.

c. Interval Column. This column gives the designated interval when each check is to be performed.

d. Item To Be Checked Or Serviced Column. This column lists the items to be checked or serviced.

e. Procedure Column. This column contains a brief description of the procedure by which the check is to be performed. It contains all the information required to accomplish the checks and services. Information marked SH Indicates a specific equipment shortcoming and the procedure needed to correct the shortcoming.

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